Without Veterans, this great nation would have perished a long time ago.  We owe our Nation’s Veterans more than can ever be totally repaid, so let’s do the very best that we can for them.

The current crisis in the Veterans Administration can be cleaned up with just a few changes.

First, we need a VA Secretary that is a Veteran, and not just some bureaucrat. Bureaucrats are, for the most part, interested in saving their own skin before taking care of our Vets. We need to allow the Secretary of VA to have authority and responsibility for the people under him/her. If someone is not getting the job done, the Secretary of the VA should have the authority to make the necessary personnel changes immediately. We must get rid of the enormous waste that is currently allowed to happen at the VA.

We need to hire top quality doctors, not the hacks that are filling some of the slots now. We need to make it a priority to get the backlog of claims and appeals caught up, and make sure the claims are done right the first time so the number of appeals claims will be lower.

AGAIN, we ALL owe our freedom to the American Fighting Men and Women. We need to make sure that they get the very BEST that America has to offer