Term Limits

The founding fathers envisioned a system of government where men would serve their constituents for a time, and then return home to their private life. It was an honor to represent your peers. It is inconceivable to think that the founding fathers wanted to create a body of life members of certain individuals would keep growing in power and become a “do nothing” body of self-perpetuating “Good Ol’ Boys.”
I believe the time has come to limit the amount of time Senators and Representatives can spend as members of these prestigious offices. There has been too much room for corruption and outside influence that seem to get put in front of the business of the PEOPLE. Therefore, I would recommend that Senators be allowed to serve no more than a total of two six-year terms, and that the members of the House serve no more than a total of three 2-year terms.
If those members cannot enact meaningful legislation in those time frames, they should not be there in the first place. Even if they do well, it would be time to move on and let newer, fresher ideas come forth because as time moves on, there will always be new challenges that will require innovative solutions.
I would also outlaw corporate lobbyists who roam the halls of Congress looking to subvert honest law-making.
Lastly, I would change campaign laws to make money from outside of a District illegal, so only the citizens from the State (for the Senate) and District (for the House) would have influence over the ones they send to represent them.