I firmly believe in the American Dream, so I believe that MOST of those coming to the United States from Mexico are looking for jobs to support their families. BUILD THE WALL…..

When I was younger, we had a “Guest Worker” Program in which the men and women coming from Mexico were documented, and we knew who they were and where they lived. They were harvesting crops for the most part, and some were working in construction and other areas, but we knew who they were. BUILD THE WALL…..

The main reason for the Wall is National Security. A nation without borders is just a bunch of land occupied by whoever wanders in. We MUST maintain our sovereignty, and unless we control our borders, we cannot. Terrorists and drug smugglers are crossing into America every day, and IT MUST STOP.

I believe that people who want to become a part of our Great Nation should learn our language and our culture. If they want to become Americans, they should pledge allegiance to our flag and this great country before they can begin the process. If not, they are only visitors and need to return home.

There is plenty of land in the Middle East to resettle refugees until they can get their country back. If they want it back, then all those young men need to go take it back and stand up for themselves. We can only support them for so long!

No more catching illegals and giving them a ticket to appear, since we all know that does NOT work. NO SANCTUARY CITIES! What about “ILLEGAL” do they not understand?

We are a kind and passionate people, but we need to be fair to our own citizens and make them our priority. BUILD THE WALL…….