The quality of healthcare has diminished and the premiums have skyrocketed to the point of not being affordable. There is no doubt that Obama Care is not working. There are programs in the private sector that seem to be working, such as the Epiphany program. Under this program, primary care is quite affordable. When insurance policies with lower premiums for catastrophic coverage become more affordable, more people will receive quality care. Ideas like the Epiphany program can pave the way for the future.

We should insist that insurance companies be allowed to compete across state lines. Keeping the “pre-existing conditions” clause intact should allow premiums to come down. We should block grant Medicaid to the states because each state has different needs and should be able to most efficiently ascertain their particular needs or problems. There is definitely no “One Size Fits All ” when it comes to health care. If we vigorously prosecute Medicare fraud and get rid of the waste and abuse, the real costs will come down.

Any time the Federal Government has total control, there is too much room for waste, fraud, misuse, and bureaucratic bungling.

Specific, aggressive reforms need to be made in regard to Veterans’ health care.