The Department of Education needs to be educated. Again, there is NO “One Size Fits All” solution.

Bureaucrats don’t seem to understand the differences of kids growing up on a ranch in Montana and kids going to class in downtown Brooklyn. They should let the STATES decide how best to run their schools and the PARENTS decide how their kids should be taught. Obviously, there are some common areas that need to be taught, but let the locals administer that.

Not everyone needs a Master’s degree! There are many TECH areas that do not require a college degree, like machine operators. Have you ever seen what a good welder can make? You can’t get those skills by having a college degree. Career paths can be decided while in high school, and TRADE SCHOOLS should be available for Grants and Scholarships. They are every bit as important as a Law degree, but maybe more preferable. Give each State its own voice, with parental involvement strongly encouraged.